Headaches and TMJ - Suzanne Sablan, DDS in Fremont, California

Headaches and TMJ

Many Americans suffer from chronic headaches or migraines. TMJ can be one cause or contributing factor to this. One focus of Dr. Sablan's practice is to properly examine and diagnose TMJ and handle the pain and other symptoms that go along with it.

If the joints in your jaw are out of alignment, you may end up clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth. The extra pressure forces the lower jaw backwards, which can then pinch the nerves and blood vessels. The nerves by your jaw sockets connect to your temples, which is where the head pain starts.

Depending on what Dr. Sablan finds during the initial exam, she may recommend a nightguard to prevent clenching or grinding at nights, or further orthodontic work to get your teeth and jaw properly aligned.

No-Charge Consultation

You can receive a No-Charge Consultation with Dr. Sablan, which includes examining for TMJ problems such as teeth grinding, pain in the jaw or joints and headaches that may stem from bite or tooth alignment problems. Call 510-252-0555 or click here to book an appointment on-line