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“As a television news reporter, it's extremely important that my appearance is clean and vibrant, including my teeth, because the camera is not kind and does not blink. Dr. Sablan and her staff help me look my best.

“The dental hygienist cleans my teeth every 3 months to keep them healthy and shiny. I've always loved going to the dentist, but I've never had such thorough cleanings. When I leave my teeth feel so smooth.

“Dr. Sablan helps me keep my teeth their whitest, with regular checkups and whitening procedures. I've learned much from her about how to better care for my teeth. It's hard to imagine a dentist out there who cares more about her patients than Dr. Sablan. She truly cares and is always there for my dental needs.”

– Will Tran, Bay Area News Channel 4

“I am so happy with my veneers that Dr. Sablan did. What a difference with my smile! I feel much more confident about my teeth.

“Dr. Sablan and her staff did an excellent job not only with the work but also with making me feel comfortable. I would recommend veneers for anyone who wants to improve the look of their teeth.

“Thank you so much Dr. Sablan.” – R.S.

“I've gone to Dr. Sablan for over ten years. I can always depend on her to provide me with honest, complete information on what dental procedures and care I require. I even bring my 87-year-old mother to Dr. Sablan. Dr. Sablan has been very kind and gentle with her as she has lost several teeth and needed several procedures done.

“I have been extremely satisfied with the dental care Dr. Sablan has provided to me and my mother and would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for an excellent dentist.” – G.M.

“Dr. Sablan changed my life! I know that sounds dramatic but it’s so true. All my life I have had to live with missing teeth, yellow-stained teeth and TMJ. No one ever addressed these problems with me let alone solved them. When I saw Dr. Sablan the first time, she gave me hope. And now at 62 years old I have healthy teeth and the smile I always wanted. She and her wonderful staff worked with me so I was able to afford this change. I can’t thank them enough.” – S.M.

“I always wanted a nice smile but I was 11 years old when I had my worst experience that scared me for over 25 years. Then, I met Dr. Sablan. She treated me with ease and utmost professionalism. She made it easy for me to get the smile that I wanted: she got my teeth whiter and straighter like I had imagined it being. Dr. Sablan truly transformed my smile and also turned my fear into courage and genuine appreciation for her expertise and exceptional competence. Pain became a distant past and the joy of oral hygiene took a priority stand in my life. I highly recommend this outstanding Dentist and hope all dentists strive to achieve her excellence.” – N.H.

“Dr. Sablan's office was PERFECT in every sense of the word! I called to make an appointment, received a call to verify my insurance info within an hour, confirmed appointment, showed up and filled out pre-treatment questionaire and new patient info, actually sat down with the receptionist Kelly to review everything that I signed, and they got me in the back right away! Manuel, the hygienist, did my cleaning, and Dr. Sablan came after and did a thorough exam!

“Manuel did a great job explaining the procedure and all my questions were answered. Very friendly and definitely knowledgeable. Our conversation helped ease the anxiety.

“Dr. Sablan was very thorough in her examination post cleaning. She talked to me about further treatment and other concerns. She made me feel like I was the only patient there, even though the place was totally packed! She answered all my questions patiently, and even walked me out to the receptionist counter after the examination.

“Overall, this place is dental heaven!! Super friendly support staff, and an awesome dentist! THIS OFFICE IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!” - N.V.

“My whole family, even extended ones, have been coming to Suzanne for all dentistry needs since she became a dentist. She was good then, and she’s even better now.

“To give you an idea of how skilled she is, Suzanne pulled all four of my wisdom teeth in one session with minimal use of novacaine and very little pain. Within an hour of leaving her office, I was even able to stop off for lunch on my way home.

“I'll keep coming here until she decides to retire or switch it up to dentures! - C.R.”

“Try Dr. Sablan if you need a skilled and friendly dentist. She takes most insurance, and she's so nice! She's not pushy about cosmetic work, but she did talk to me about it when I asked her to. She and her dental hygienist were really accommodating about my fear of dental cleanings. Dr. Sablan even offered to let me use my iPod.

“The hygienist was really patient and informative during my polishing, and very gentle, too.” – C.R.

“Dr. Sablan did a very nice job on my front teeth that had eroded badly. Considering the magnitude of the job, Dr. Sablan performed the procedure with a minimal amount of discomfort. Furthermore, her pricing for the procedure was more than reasonable. Dr. Sablan does highly professional work, and her office and staff are very proficient. I highly recommend Dr. Sablan for your dental needs.” – N.J.

“Dr. Sablan is the most painless dentist I have ever had. She's so gentle!” – A.L.

“Dr. Sablan fixed my broken, yellow teeth with veneers and now I can smile again. I love my veneers!” – N.H.

“I've searched for many years for a dentist who could help me get rid of headaches and fix my teeth so I can chew without pain. Dr. Sablan was the only one who diagnosed my TMJ and fixed it. I no longer have pain when I chew and the headaches are gone forever!” – S.M.