Night Guards

Stop Teeth Grinding and Clenching

Dental Night Guards in Fremont, California, Suzanne Sablan, DDS

One of Dr. Sablan's focuses in her continuing study as a dentist has been in the area of jaw disorders. This includes excessive clenching and grinding of the teeth which Dr. Sablan can effectively treat using nightguards.

Many people suffer from Bruxism, which is the clenching together of both the upper and lower teeth. This condition occurs while you sleep, and can cause pressure on the muscles, tissues, and other surrounding structures of the jaw.

Some of the symptoms include headaches, neck pain, jaw pain, ear pain, tense muscles, and excessive wear on the teeth.

A large number of people who clench also tend to grind their teeth. Grinding is when you slide your teeth over each other in a back and forth, sideways movement. Often the grinding is a subconscious behavior that is not realized by the by the person himself, and is frequently pointed out by a spouse.


Dental night guards are the most commonly used treatment method for teeth clenching and grinding.

Sablan will custom make a protective covering for either your upper or lower teeth, similar to a retainer, which will prevent the wear and tear on your teeth while you sleep.

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