Cleaning & Checkups

Gentle, thorough dental cleanings in Fremont, California

Maintain your teeth by keeping
them healthy!

Regular checkups and cleanings go a long way to preserving your teeth. It is not actually true that “losing your teeth is part of growing old.” You can preserve your healthy teeth with regular checkups and cleaning, as well as some simple instructions from our hygienist.

Our dental hygienist will give you thorough and gentle cleanings, and show you the best ways to maintain healthy teeth and gums.


In a checkup, Dr. Sablan does an oral examination and x-rays, if needed. She checks for cavities and gum disease, and will also examine your bite for any signs of TMJ problems and any other oral issues.


Dr. Sablan gives injections you won't even feel. Shallow fillings can even be done without an injection. She uses tooth-colored composite fillings for most cavities. For large cavities, another option is a crown, a tooth-colored restoration forming a new outer cover for the tooth.

Gum Disease Treatment

Dr. Sablan can treat mild to intermediate gum disease (gingivitis) with deep cleaning (also called scaling and root planing).

The traditional treatment of gingivitis, deep cleaning, removes bacteria attached to the tooth to prevent it from working its way into the pockets where the gum tissue meets the teeth. However, it cannot remove all bacteria from the pockets themselves.

Dr. Sablan uses Arestin therapy to eliminate the remaining bacteria. You can read more about Gum Disease treatment here.

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